The project

Initiative For Improving The Capacity And Accessibility Of Tourism Destinations In The Cross Border Area


The project’s idea was developed on the basis of the common tourism potential of the two partners, their toursim assets and facilities and the need for improvements of accessibility. Thassos is a popular international destination for sea and cultural toursim, and Garmen is a famous national destination for spa tourism (incl. mineral waters), eco and cultural tourism. The project addresses the need for provision of better service and accessibility of public facilities to vulnerable groups (people with disabilities (PWD)) and to valorize and capitalize the existing touristic assess through adequate planning, conservation and promotion measures. PWD are approximately 10-15% of the population of the EU, most of them elderly and at risk of poverty. It is estimated that over 40 mil. Europeans with disabilities seek accessible tourism destinations every year that answer to their needs. Improving the accessibility in tourism infrastructure is not the sole terminus. The fundamental terminus is the reliable information of the tourist who is interested, information on the existing tourism venues, which are able to cover his/her particular needs and preferences. At EU level a lot of initiatives and projects have been implemented for promotion of the “solidary tourism”, which includes measures for making touristic attractions accessible for PWD.

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