Бенефициент по проекта 2

WP 1Project Management & Coordination
Deliverable 1.2.2Project management
Deliverable 1.2.3 1st PM Agenda kick-off
Deliverable 1.2.3 2nd PM Meeting Presentation LB
Thassos Presentation
Project team meetings
Deliverable 1.2.5First level control
WP 2Communication & Dissemination
Deliverable 2.2.1Communication plan
Deliverable 2.2.2Public media campaign
Deliverable 2.2.3Project website
Deliverable 2.2.4 Video BrochurePromotional materials
Deliverable 2.2.5Public final conferences
WP 3Research and planning
Deliverable 3.2.1Researches and studies
Deliverable 3.2.3 QuestionnaireEvaluation methodology and survey
WP 4Improvement of access to touristic sites
Deliverable 4.2.1Investment measures
Deliverable 4.2.2Supply of equipment
Deliverable 4.2.4 1st Agenda Invitation Presentation Programme
Deliverable 4.2.4 2nd Agenda Invitation Presentation Programme
Staff training
Deliverable 4.2.5Tourism information for PWD
WP 5Promotion and awareness campaign
Deliverable 5.2.1Innovative preservaton&promotion
Deliverable 5.2.3Info days and tours for PWD
Deliverable 5.2.4Information visits for stakeholders
WP 6Actions outside the programme area
Deliverable 6.2.1 Brochure
participation in TTR Bucharest
participation in IFT Belgrade
Joint participation in tourism fairs